Bad Hand, 30 x 22 inches, Blueprint, 2015

Blue Print, 32 x 44 inches, Blueprint, 2015

Ghost Victory, 12 x 16 x 25 inches, wood, plexiglass, plaster, 2015

Poser, 9 x 12 inches, ink on paper, 2015

Part of the exhibition Strata, with Ivan Iannoli and Sean McFarland
February 28th - March 28th - Bass + Reiner - 3265 17th Street #402, San Francisco, CA

Part of a three person exhibition, the work in Strata represents the past, present and future of objects. Bad Hand is a blueprint depiction of the Venus De Milo's hand holding apple, deliberately not re-attached because it proves that the Venus belongs to the Hellenistic era of Greek Art and at the time of its discovery would have proved less valuable. It's less rendered form hints at the veracity of the statue's fame. The print will fade over time and its value will change. Blueprint is a solid rendition of this very material. It depicts the natural quality of attempting to fix a moment in time. The UV light renders the absence of an image and the ammonia can offer only a partial fix for it. It is an illusive material for the illusive present. The Ghost Victory is a vitrine made to silhouette an object rather than present it clearly. The led's combine with the diffused plexi-glass to refract the object on the pedestal, giving it multiple contours. The wing contained inside belongs to the Winged Victory of Samothrace. It was severed the last time the statue was moved hinting towards its surrogate history. In this case, the wing is used to symbolize a memory of a false icon and its visual image signifies this. Poser is a Risograph print of a section of the floor of the gallery made on a scanner bed. It is a false pattern made to cover up an imperfection. It stands in place of the proper wood and symbolizes a distance between reality and fiction, the blue mimicking the blue of the other two prints.